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Voodoo Macbeth - of particular interest to upcoming directors and writers

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Voodoo Macbeth is an excellent way to study the essential tale within Shakespeare's Macbeth.
A large chorus of ‘Slaves’ carry most of the important text. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth suffer as ‘zombies’ to their own slaves. 
For both secondary and tertiary students of English, Drama and theatre this package offers a clear and simple example of how text can be dissected and re-assembled.
This is a study showing Shakespeare’s words as the  springboard to theatrical innovation. Voodoo Macbeth will be of particular interest to upcoming directors and writers.
As Shakespeare’s Macbeth is saturated with the supernatural the creation of Voodoo Macbeth was a natural extension for further exploration of this fascinating play.

Director Jacqui Carroll has mined the play in an exciting and extreme way. Shakespeare’s words are re-allocated among the players. With such a fresh approach the audience is sucked into the strange world of voodoo and the ‘other’ world of the ‘spirits’ which Shakespeare has written into the play.Macbeth surfaces once more into a new, strange, extreme landscape.
full HD DVD
Full text of the production
(with stage directions and Shakespearean text provided for reference)
Production Notes
Teachers’ Notes

$AUD 170.00 + postage and packaging
Within Australia $AUD 10.00
Overseas  $AUD 15.00
Full HD DVD ONLY $125.00 (i.e. no notes or texts)
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