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The Training of the Shrew

Production DVDs
The Training of the Shrew is giving a big shake-up of the re-telling of Shakespeare’s the Taming of the Shrew. In this version Kate is a feisty modern girl who gets smart!
Pete’s no slouch and provides the background for Kate to bounce against.
This script is a great challenge for three energetic actors to take on, staged as it is, in a kind of Punch and Judy fairground setting.
The production zips along with plenty of zing!
A great way to introduce students to modern telling of Shakespeare through one of Shakespeare’s major comedies.
  • Full HD DVD
  • Full text of the production
  • (with stage directions and Shakespearean text provided for reference)
  • Production Notes
  • Teachers’ Notes
$AUD 170.00 + postage and handling
Within Australia $AUD 10.00
Overseas $AUD 15.00
Full HD DVD ONLY $AUD 125.00 (i.e. no notes or scripts)
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