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Frank Suzuki Actor Knowhow Intensive Performance Training

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Description: Frank Suzuki Actor Knowhow (FSAK)
The FSAK involves the performer in an actor training system that prepares them by equipping them with the knowledge of the FSAK which is a grounding, empowering theatre training that improves individual clarity of mind, commitment and focus, develops imaginative play, physical and mental dexterity plus self definition and spatial awareness. As well the collective nature of the learning environment stimulates teamwork and personal co-operation.
Based on the thorough absorption of the deep physical and philosophical aspects of the Suzuki Method of Actor Training FSAK further extends the actor’s skills base developing comprehensive performance paradigms germane to the requirements of the modern Western actor.
Participants will be introduced to and learn skills of performance across multiple dramatic perspectives: FSAK applied as a tool to teach understanding of an actor’s body and voice in space showing the successful application of the training to rehearsal and performance. Appropriate for teachers of upper level students, students of drama and dance, active professional artists who wish to extend the knowledge and range of their own physical and vocal capabilities and creative workers across many disciplines.
The Zen nature of this study awakens the spirit force guiding both young and maturing artists.
Tadashi Suzuki, creator of the Suzuki Method of Actor Training, selected John Nobbs, co-director of Ozfrank, in 2009 to be one of his personally selected 7 international practitioners who currently form the Suzuki Symposium/Forum dedicated to the appropriate dissemination of Suzuki’s training world-wide.
John is the only Australian representative on the Forum. Suzuki personally endorses the Frank Suzuki Actor Knowhow as a study that fully develops the comprehensive performance outcomes of his actor training. Suzuki has stated that his system of training should be considered as a complete preparation for performance outcomes.
Ozfrank's Intensive Workshops provide an opportunity for those interested participants to experience performer training with two of the world’s best Frank/Suzuki teachers, Ozfrank co-directors John Nobbs and Jacqui Carroll in their unique actor training system Frank Suzuki Actor Knowhow fully incorporating the Suzuki Method of Actor Training.
Participants should wear shorts, tights or track pants, T-shirts, thick socks, bring a water bottle and a snack.
On completion of this 5 day Intensive Workshop the participant will be aware of the basic principles of the FSAK skills training, have a more profound comprehension of the actor’s potential and craft, an understanding of embedding the concepts of the FSAK skills training for further development of the performer’s skills base and feel the expansion of the individual’s knowledge within the following areas:
  1. The strengthening of legs and lower body
  2. Access to the potential of the power of the body's centre
  3. Essential development of awareness of feet
  4. More secure physical balance
  5. Reliable physical co-ordination
  6. Security of vocal strength and suppleness
  7. Ability to access physical energy and attack
  8. Ability to access deep and profound physical stillness
  9. Develop alertness of body
  10. Expand their connectedness of voice and body
  11. Expand their connectedness throughout all physical activities
  12. Expand their connectedness to music
  13. Develop their appreciation of music
  14. Develop their awareness of fellow performers
  15. Develop their awareness of working space (landscape)
  16. Broaden and deepen their improvisatory skills 17. Broaden and deepen their awareness of audience
Corporate Workshops: How to capture your audience with speech, movement and style.
Coaching Session are available with two of Brisbane’s leading presentation coaches: John Nobbs and Jacqui Carroll of OzFrank Theatre.
Gain that extra twist of confidence by learning how to:
    • enjoy rolling the words out
    • pause confidently and with security
    • make convincing and practical gestures to offset words.
These are just some of the skills John and Jacqui worked on with the Sirovision Team when invited by Achaeus to conduct a special coaching session on the finer points of presentation.
Subsequently, this team went on to win the EDIA 2004 National Business Competition of which pitching is a major component.
John and Jacqui are about building team spirit and helping each team member to enjoy the moment of that golden opportunity to tell the world your special story.
All companies stand to benefit from Frank’s unique performance and speaking skills sessions that build the confidence of the whole team.
Talk to us about how a simple two hour session will start you off in the right direction.
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