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CV of Jacqui Carroll

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Jacqui Carroll
Artistic Director
Jacqui Carroll is uniquely placed within the Australian performance spectrum, and one of the very few international practitioners that have had significant careers as both Choreographer and Director. As choreographer her works cover the entire range from Post Modern (The John Cage songbooks) through Strip Shows and Opera, to full length classical ballets such as The Tempest, Scheherazade and Carmina Burana (for 80 voice choir, 3 soloists and 100 piece orchestra).
Her dance style can be described as a combination of the organic strength derived from Martha Graham technique and the clear lines of Classical Ballet. In similar fashion to her mentor, Glen Tetley, this amalgamation of the extreme technical strands led to works of great sinuous, trenchant and archetypical impact.
As well she is the only dance teacher in Australia capable of taking masterclasses in the big Five: Classical, Graham, Horton, Limon/Humphrey, and Cunningham techniques.
In 1991 she first witnessed the training and aesthetic of Tadashi Suzuki, and was inspired to break away from pure dance to develop theatre works combining Text, Movement and Music.
Since 1993 she has created 17 theatre works and 4 theatre/films for Ozfrank:
The Romance of Orpheus: A whirling tale of Undergound love and death
The Tale of Macbeth: Super distilled and simple (Switzerland, Croatia, Turkey, Czech Republic, Mongolia, Nepal)
Oedipus Rex: 2 versions: 1st Spinning reduction/2nd Grand Oratorio (Croatia)
Salome: Oscar’s fear and greed x 3 (Japan)
Heavy Metal Hamlet: Disaffected Black Sabbath Boy (Japan)
Rashomon: This is not a Love Song of Relative Truth
Doll Seventeen: Epigrammatic Fantasy of Classic Ocker Text
Midsummer Night’s Romeos: 1st Non Linear ‘Essayist’ Carroll (Japan)
Manga Ulysses: Popster, Funhouse Odyssey co-prod with TAFE
Hamlet Stooged! Wayne’s World Dudesworth (London, Wales and Chicago)
VooMac: Sleepless Voodoo Witchcraft for Macbeth
To Have Done with the Judgement of God: A Short Waltz around Artaud’s Proto-Butoh Radio Play
The Reckoning of Badengood: Everyman’s Morality Hipped and Primped (Japan)
Up Jumped the Devil: Grotowski Guignol for Nick’s Cave
Motel of Memory: the corridors of love, surrender & weeping
Beatniks Tailgate Daddy-oh’s God-oh!: ‘cool’ pleasure at BigDaddy’s expense
The Training of the Shrew: the Travelling Shrew Show comes to town
The Love of Don Perlimplin: a point-of-view theatre/film of Lorca’s play
Artaud De Facteau: a meander of dreams, trance, and magic rituals from the most revolutionary figure that Western theatre has had to confront
Jacqui has successfully transposed her unique choreographic voice to create a series of highly individual stage portraits with thick light, dense movement and sonorous vox.
Jacqui creates Theatre of the three C’s:
C(aravaggio): Hyper Real and Hyper Now!
C(hiaroscuro): Light and Dark, Both for Good Measure, and
C(ornucopia): There’s Plenty More Where That Came From……
As teacher of dance Jacqui has taught extensively at professional dance/ballet company level plus College and University course work. Jacqui is also a fully qualified teacher the actor training methods: the Suzuki Method of Actor Training plus she is a co-creator of the Frank Suzuki Actor Knowhow.
As Executive Producer, Producer & Scenarist Jacqui, as Producer and Scenarist, has just completed the production of a full length feature film The Castle of Macbeth’s Head.
Jacqui is currently directing a contemporary re-invention of the classical Carmina Burana with Jacqui Carroll’s Ballet Cabal, a newly formed group of independent artists, formed to develop, produce and perform this new cross-generational and cross-disciplinary work. 
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