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Beatniks Tailgate the Daddy-O of PoMo

Production DVDs
For those who wish to have an introduction to the cool, hip
For those who wish to have an introduction to the cool, hip
Language of the early 50s this package is for you!

A sort-of Waiting for Godot for the crazy-at-heart!

Moving Beckett’s ideas into the fun and mind games area.
Easy to stage with just three microphones and four players.
Script Synopsis:
Four people gather together in an old Radio Studio. The subject of their presentation is to bring Beckett and the Beat Generation together. In a cool, copasetic Homage to Beckett they delve into the world of the fifties. The ghosts of Kerouac and Cassady echo throughout the room.
Words spill out, they spin out, mongo drongo they wait for the SheGod Uh-Oh to show. They are super cool and hip to the vibe. They manage the moan and bop to the beat.
Even though those straights, stuck to the spot, won’t dig them, they’re in the groove. Anyway, those squares are deadsville, leadsville.
Will SheGod show? The shadow, and she knows, says SheGod will show. Are they going troppo? Nix bix! No, they’re super cool and will check the Dharma, Mama.
Chorus have managed to secure a sponsor, the Meaningless Beauty Corporation, and the necessary commercials are fed into the presentation. They check the groan but get on with the job. Job is like deadsville. Those straights just can’t dig it. But, like Sputnik, the Chorus are off the planet, whoo whoo!
But let’s cut the gooble gabble, rabble…..and cappuccino at the Café Wha!
And that’s all she wrote!

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What DVD Package
full HD DVD
Full production text/script
Production Notes
Teachers’ Notes
Total Cost:
$AUD 170.00 +pp
Postage and Packaging:
  • Within Australia: $AUD 10.00
  • Overseas $AUD 15.00
HD DVD ONLY (i.e. no notes or scripts) $AUD 125
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