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OzFrank Theatre Film PayPal website for production DVDs Scripts and books by the Jacqui Carroll and John Nobbs - OzFrank Theatre Film for simple and easy ways for you to learn the basics or hone your skill sets as an actor.

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Welcome to OzFrank Theatre Film
Connecting to the World of Theatre and Film for the 21st Century

OzFrank have made it simple and easy for you to learn the basics or hone your skill sets.
Everything for the educator, student and performer of theatre or film is right here.

Buy the DVDs, Scripts, Production DVDs, participate in our Training Workshops.
If you want to be inspired by and expand your knowledge of:
  • avant-garde theatre;
  • Shakespeare freshly invented for the 21st century…..
  • Greek classics and tragedies, Croatian plays, Japanese stories;
  • Australian classics, Beckett and Beatniks, Oscar Wilde;
  • Morality plays for the 21st century, theatre of cruelty……
If you want to be excited and stimulated by:
  • new adaptations
  • new script writing
  • highly original physical theatre
  • original movement/theatre/film
If you want to look, read, study:
  • check out actor training books and Suzuki’s Symposium book
  • Buy the scripts and adaptations attached to the productions available on our DVDs
  • Get extension notes on the productions
If you want to participate in/learn/train to become an actor for the 21st century then:
Australian-Asian actor training, Frank Suzuki Actor Knowhow (FSAK) is for you!
If you want to perform with Ozfrank:
Simply attend the training workshops offered during the year
Read these testimonials to see what others think of FSAK
Intro video FYI, OzFrank Stomp and Prelude:
To register your interest in attending our next workshop please contact Jacqui Carroll
Email: info@ozfrank.com
PH: 07 3172 2496 or 0466 219 852
Last updated 6th March 2017
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